Har du kjøpt billett og skal til Brno poå Superrally må du ha med UTSKRIFT PÅ PAPIR av bilettbekreftelsen. Det holder ikke å ha det elektronisk på mobilen. 

Se hva sekretær i den europeiske føderasjonen, Ulf Jensen, skriver under.


Important information about going to Super Rallyt® in the Czech Republic!
Please share this to your members so no one is unaware of this.

If you have a pre-purchased ticket, you have received it as a PDF file in an email.

Make sure you PRINT it (in black and white or in colour - does not matter) At the entrance, you must legitimize yourself and display the PRINTED voucher and you will receive your ticket.

It is therefore necessary to have the voucher PRINTED in advance. Only having the voucher saved electronically on the smartphone, tablet, etc., is not accepted. 

Thus without the printed voucher, the exchange for the ticket is not possible! Those who have not pre-purchased make sure you have cash because cards are not accepted at the entrance. 

Drive carefully to the Czech Republic and I will see you there.


Ulf Jensen