Meny Lukk

English Intro

Welcome to Harley-Davidson Owners Club Norway (H-DOCN)

H-DOCN has around 2100 members spread all over Norway. We like to think of ourself as an independent union for Harley Riders in Norway. We are not a club in the meaning of patch holders.

We cooperate with Harley-Davidson Norway, Norwegian authorities,  parts suppliers and many others for the benefit of our members.

As politics has become more internationalized over the years, and our members also ride a lot abroad, we also focus on international cooperation with our sister-clubs in Europe. Naturally we are closest to the clubs in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, but we also highly appreciate our membership in the Federation of Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe (FH-DCE).

Our hope is that this international cooperation will pay off in the long run, by gaining better conditions for riders in all countries.

This homepage is primarily made for our Norwegian members. Since most of them speak Norwegian very well, it is written in our language. This page is to help those of you, who don’t speak Norwegian very well, and we’ll try to explain the contents in short.

This is what you’ll find on this website:

Harley-News: Harley-News is our club magazine, which our members receive five times a year. We are very proud of the high quality we are able to maintain on this publication, and we share some samples of that on this site. The magazine is in Norwegian, like our internet pages, but the pics are in the international visual language, which all Harley Riders all over the world can understand and appreciate. Please enjoy!

Club Shop: Here everybody can order t-shirts, jackets and other stuff from our shop at good prices. These good quality items are only available through our web shop. Sorry, the Club Shop does not ship abroad, but if there is something you would like to order, please contact us and we’ll find a way to do this.

Events: Our members love going to meets, runs and rallies. This page is a service for them. We try to make information about rallies all over as easily accessible as possible. Here you will find links to good domestic and international rally calendars. Our own rallies are of course also found on this page.

Informasjon: This is where you’ll find more details about our club. You’ll find who is elected to serve on the board, the adress to our membership office and of course the regulations for the club. 

We are sorry that we don’t have the whole site in english, but we hope the information on this page will help our friends abroad a little bit. If you have any comments or questions, please mail them to us.